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Georgia Logistics County Spotlights:

In response to the needs of the companies and communities we serve in Georgia, we have developed a series of "Logistics Spotlights" for each county in Georgia. These spotlights take a deep dive into all the details surrounding the world of freight movement... one county at a time. (Updated: 09/18/14)

Please click the links below to download a high-resolution .PDF file.

Logistics Industry Mapping Tool

The Georgia Logistics Industry Mapping Tool allows you to create a custom map by choosing from a diverse list of features and data such as freight flow of truck and rail volumes, infrastructure assets, industry clusters, and educational offerings. Your selected features can then be mapped at a state, region or county level and printed or saved as a .PDF file.

Users can also download pre-built county and regional Spotlights that provide a great logistics overview of each of Georgia’s 159 counties. The industry mapping tool makes it easy to SEE why Georgia has an unfair advantage in logistics.

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