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Georgia Ports Record March Could Indicate 'Market Shift'

April 16, 2015
"We have been serving a lot of new customers because of several of the anomalies in the U.S. market disturbing supply chains this year,” Curtis Foltz told Global Atlanta. "Those customers, we think, are extremely pleased with the service they have received and we think those customers will stay with us."

GPA container traffic leaps nearly 28%

April 15, 2015
"We are moving record volumes while maintaining excellent service levels for our customers," said GPA Executive Director Curtis Foltz. "Our March numbers have once again demonstrated the scale, flexibility and efficiency of the Garden City Terminal. Freight handling remained fluid, even with demand well above forecasts."

Q&A With GDEcD Director of Global Commerce Annie Baxter

April 14, 2015
What current transportation projects will have the greatest impact on logistics in the state? Georgia Ports Authority is a flagship to attracting companies in need of a strong distribution infrastructure. The Port of Savannah is the 2nd largest containerport and the fastest growing in the U.S. The Savannah Harbor Expansion Projects have a significant impact on the state’s logistics offerings. In fact, it’s been called the most important infrastructure improvement project in Georgia in decades.

Georgia Logistics Summit

April 7, 2015

Getting from A to B

March 27, 2015

Georgia’s biggest yet

March 19, 2015
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